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Monday, November 23, 2009

FREE Hard-Cover Photo Book for the first 25,000!

Guys, I almost posted this AWESOME FREEBIE earlier today, but I tried it out first and the site was running so slow that it couldn't even load a photo.  I despaired of making it within the first 25,000 people and didn't want you to waste your time either.  BUT.  Sometimes the latey bird gets the worm!  I think lots of early birds gave up, so if you have time tonight to spend on this, it will be well worth it!

Here's how to get your 20 Page, Hardcover, Personalized Cover, FREE SHIPPING, Photo Book.....Absolutely FREE!

1)  Go HERE and choose your layout/design choice, etc...  I suggest if you really want this freebie before it's gone you just click "OKAY.  SURE.  Whatever." to all their default choices.  Which is black.

2)  Upload 20 - 100 pics.  Twenty pics will give you 1 pic per page, a little more will let you put 2 on a couple pages to shake things up a bit.  Much more though, and you'll likely miss the boat.  That site is running SLO-O-O-OW.

3)  If your "workspace"doesn't load right, hit refresh and wait.  Then maybe try that again.  The site is getting hit hard for this freebie.  Add or don't add captions, it's kind of time-consuming, so maybe you can just write in some captions with a silver sharpie later.

4)  At checkout, enter the code BONNIE (this comes from the Bonnie Hunt Show!) and it will deduct shipping and handling ($8.99) as well as the price of the book ($39.99).  You just got a $48 present - FREE!

1 comment:

  1. I just did this last night. I didn't spend as much time on it as I probably could have b/c I didn't really believe the code would still work for me...but it did! It looks great! Thank you!
    Grace Murphy-frankin, tn



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