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Monday, November 23, 2009

Target Policies ...Yep. More Changes.

Target.  Listen.  You done Wore. Me. Out. with all your waffling on the issues.  I understand that you probably didn't anticipate how awesome and cunning we couponers are.  (We are a rather underestimated group...)  However, you are quickly losing our loyalty altogether by constantly pulling the rug out from under our feet!  Is that what you want?  IS IT??

Okay, here's the news fellow-couponers and bargaineers.  Target has not only changed their coupon-printing system to limit us to (2) prints per computer (and no printing at Target Kiosks).  Many of the coupons on their site are now Manufacturer coupons and therefore can't be stacked with other MFR coupons.

Besides that, they have changed their Price-Match Policy!! 

  • Price-Matching will Exclude all Doorbuster, 1-2 Day Deals, Limited Time or Quantity Deals, etc...  Basically, don't even try price-matching it if it's not a normal weekly ad.
  • Also, now if you bring in a competitor's ad to price match, and there is also a Target coupon available for that item, you will not get the price match + the Target Coupon discount.  From now on this is how it will work:
Target coupons will be deducted BEFORE the price match is made.  If the competitor's price is STILL lower than Target's price after the Target coupons have been applied, then the competitor's low price will be matched.  Manufacturer coupons will be deducted LAST.   Read all the changes HERE.

I know.  I know.  Listen - we feel the same way.  Until they get all this mess sorted out, I don't plan on getting very experimental over there.  But hey, I did hear a rumor today that Wal-Mart is going to start taking competitor's coupons.....  maybe they'll finally start honoring their Official Coupon-Policy after all!! (Click on link, and notice how it says they accept "Store Coupons")

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