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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning the Lingo - Detailed Version

Detailed Version:
If you are looking for the short version of the acronyms below click HERE.

B1G1 or BOGO - Buy one Get one Free

B2G1 - Buy two get one free

Blinkie - In store coupon typically in a small box with a red flashing light near the product that the coupon is for.  (These are distributed by Smart Source not the Grocery Stores

CAT or Catalina - Coupon that prints at the register after your purchase is complete.  It can either be a store or manufacturer coupon.  Sometimes Catalina's are triggered by your shopping habits, other times there is an in store promotion from the manufacturer.  When we find "formulas" for Catalina's we post them on the website.

CRT - Cash Register Tape

CVS - Drug Store, typically high priced, but with their rewards system can be very profitable if you learn how.

DND - Do Not Double * A coupon that states do not double.  This wording applies to coupons redeemed at a grocery store that doubles coupons as part of their coupon policy.  If the UPC code of a coupon begins with the number 5 and the policy of the store is to double coupons the registers are programmed to double automatically.  In this case a cashier would have to manually suppress the register to prevent it each coupon with the wording DND from doubling.  If a coupon begins with the number 9 it won't double regardless of the stores policy.  This is one of those YMMV (your mileage may double) and varies from store to store.

Double Coupon  - A coupon that a grocery store doubles in value.  Applies to coupons redeemed at a grocery store whose policy is to double coupons to entice shoppers to their store.  The face value of the coupon is reimbursed to the grocery store by the manufacturer; however the amount that doubled is absorbed by the grocery store as part of their marketing budget.

ECB - Extra Care Bucks are printed on the bottom of a receipt at CVS to be redeemed at a later time on merchandise in the store.  Value of ECB's printed correspond with weekly/monthly sales.

FLIP - Food Lion Internet Printable Coupon that are released weekly and posted on our website.  They also have Baby and Pet Coupons that are issued quarterly

HIPS - Harvey's Internet Printable Coupons released weekly and posted on our website.

Insert - Coupons in the Sunday Newspaper.  Booklets are labeled Smart Source (SS), Proctor and Gamble (PG), and Red Plum. (RP)

IP or Printable - Internet Printable Coupon printed from an online website.  Most coupons allow 2 prints per month per IP address, before resetting on the first of each month.  However, the reset schedule can vary.  Before printing you may be required to download software that enables your computer to print bar codes.  DO NOT COPY!!   Each coupon has their own barcode that is tied to your IP address.  The exception is when a manufacturer releases a coupon on their website in the form of a pdf file that allows multiple prints.  The bar code of this coupon is the same regardless of the number of prints or computers that it is printed from.

IVC - Instant Value Coupon - You will find these at Walgreens and CVS in their weekly and/or monthly ads.  In most cases these coupons do not need to be cut out rather the cashier will type once and the coupon will apply  to each item (as long as it is within limits).

MIR - Mail In Rebate

MM - Money Maker

MQ or Manny Q - Manufacturer Coupon

OOP - Out of Pocket

OOS - Out of Stock

Overage -  This applies when the cost of an item is less than the coupon value.  For example, if an item cost $0.75 and you use a coupon for $1.00 off the $0.25 difference is referred to as overage.  There are several options as to how the store will handle this situation. 
     1.  The amount of overage is applied to the balance of the remaining balance of the grocery bill.
     2.  The value of the coupon is reduced to the cost of the item, thus canceling overage.
     3.  The value of the item is increased to meet the value of the coupon, canceling overage.
OYNO - On your next order

PG or P&G -  Proctor and Gamble Sunday Insert Booklet. 

Peelie - A coupon in the form of a sticker that has to be peeled off to redeem.

RC - Rain Check is a piece of paper that guarantees the sale price of a product when it is out of stock that can be redeemed at a later time.

Rebate - Mail in offer by a manufacturer or store that issues a refund based on predetermined criteria

RP - Red Plum Insert booklet in the Sunday Newspaper

RR - Register Reward is a Catalina that prints at Walgreens at the end of a purchase based on specific sales.  A RR is considered a manufacturer coupon that can then be spent like cash on items in the store.

SCR - Single Check Rebate is a rebate check mailed to a Rite Aid customer who has entered purchases on sales made from the previous month that have been entered on their website.  The amount of SCR is based on advertised sales.

SS - Smart Source booklet, blinkie, or printable coupon issued through News Marketing America.

WAGS - Walgreens

Wine tag / Ring tag / Hangtag - A coupon generally found hanging from the bottle "neck" of the product. (Ketchup, syrup, salad dressing)

WYB - When You Buy

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary meaning what works at one store may or may not work at another.  Also applies to coupons, pricing of items, stock available, sales price, etc...

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