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Monday, March 29, 2010

FINALLY!! Binder Tutorial

So many of you have asked us how to start a coupon binder.  We put this tutorial together for you and tried to be as thorough as possible. (Click "Full Screen View" to see everything more clearly) 

Links to store policies that are published are below. 

Helpful Downloads:
  1. Learning the Lingo HERE (simple version), HERE (detailed list)
  2. Printable Meal Planner HERE
  3. Walmart Corporate Coupon Policy HERE, price matching policy HERE, and FAQ's HERE
  4. Rite Aid Coupon Policy HERE
Online Store:
We now have Binders, Baseball Card Holders & All You Magazine available online to purchase HERE.


  1. I get a Not Found 404 message when I click HERE for the online store. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Thanks so much for letting us know. I have updated the link now.


  3. I learned a great tip to add: rather than cut each coupon with scissors, use a rotary cutter from your sewing kit and a mat.... saves a ton of time!

  4. Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to share this information with others. I know the information you have provided on this site has helped me save over $500 in the short time that I have been couponing. Wishing you the best the world has to offer!

    Windy Balinger,
    Mom, Student and future Senator(Even if it takes me until I am 60)

  5. I miss my coupon binder. We have a glass top stove..and I laid it there one night..and went back outside. It was FULL of coupons..and I'd spent over $30 getting it perfect....Anyway..I was in the garage and the smoke alarms started going off..I ran inside to find my kitchen full of smoke and my binder in flames.I guess I bumped the knob and turned it on. Of all things on the counter to catch fire..I wish it would have been anything but that. It makes a funny story to my friends..but I'm so unorganized now with coupons..and I have to start all over again. So Sad.

  6. this is a silly question.... do you have to take the staples out of the coupons b4 they can be used at the store?

  7. It's not a silly question, cause I was wondering the same thing!



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