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Monday, March 29, 2010

Kmart Super Doubles BOOTCAMP!!


Update - To see the list of participating Kmart stores, click HERE
K-mart Super Doubles is almost HERE!  All of you who plan to join the fray should be thoroughly prepared  -  so here is a Kmart Super-Doubles Bootcamp to help you train.
I've spent the last few hours gathering information, because I want you coupon-recruits to be solidly prepared for the Kmart Super-Doubles Event coming 4/4 - 4/10.  If you have any questions or know of a coupon that would be good to add to the list - leave a comment below!

Part I
 What IS Kmart Super-Doubles?
Kmart Super-Doubles is an exciting (although often frustrating) week of shopping.  During this week, Kmart will double manufacturer coupons up to $2 (Doubled up to $4!)  This makes lots of items FREE - and most people like to play the "Get only the free stuff and leave" game during this event.  This time, Kmart has added some strict rules to the game, and before you can even play you'll have to sign up for the Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Card.  Your membership won't go into effect for 72 hours, so do it as soon as possible to be ready!  
Here are the other rules you need to know: 
-Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 value will be doubled 
-In-store Activation MUST BE tied to your Shop Your Way to Rewards card 
-Does not include Kmart Store Coupons 
-Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day 
-First 5 coupons provided by customer will be doubled
Part II
Coupons to Print & Gather
NOTE: Print any printables you want NOW - because March is almost over and when the April coupons are loaded to the sites, many of the these will disappear. Here are some of the best coupons to print or clip now for Kmart Doubles:

Right Guard Total Defense $2.50***
Use $1.50/1 PRINT
(Makes it FREE!) 

Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals $3.99
Use $2/1 from 3/14 SS
(makes it FREE) 

Nescafe Tasters Choice Stick Packs $1
Use $1/2 from 2/28 SS
(makes it FREE!) 

Renuzit Super Odor Neautralizer $1.89***
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE!) 

Reach Floss $1.69
Use $1/1 from 3/7 RP
(makes it FREE!) 

Kiss Nail Art (Price Varies from $2 something on up)
Use $2/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE!) 

L'Oreal Everpure Buy 1 ~ Get 1 50% Off @ $4.39 & up
Use (2) $2/1 from 3/21 RP
(makes it FREE) 

Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant ?
Use $2/1 PRINT
(makes it surely close to free!) 

Mighty Dog Cans 69¢ ea
Use $2/6 PRINT
(makes it 14¢ ea!) 

Nivea Bodywash $4.49
Use $2/1 PRINT
(makes it 49¢ ea!) 

John Freida Haircare BOGO $9.76
Use (2) $2/1 PRINT
(makes it 87¢ ea!) 

Good Life (Cat & Dog Food) $5.99
Use $2/1 PRINT
(makes it $1.99 ea!) 

Part III
Catalina Deal During Super-Doubles
See those Asterisks next to some of the items above?  Those are part of a catalina deal that runs through 4/30:  Buy $20 worth of qualifying items (See list below) ~ Get $5 Coupon Off Your Next Order or Buy $30 ~ Get $10 Coupon OYNO.  *The item total is calculated BEFORE coupons!

*Catalina Items*:
Dial, Brawny, Purex, Quilted Northern, Renuzit, Dixie, Right Guard, Sparkle, Soft Scrub, Angel Soft, Tone, Coast, Zout, Vanity Fair

Scenario Idea 
(The Sparkle price is made up- I'm just showing you how this catalina can benefit you)
Buy (5) Soft Scrub Total + a $5 pack of Sparkle Paper Towels
Total Before Coupons is $20 (So you will get the $5 Catalina)
Use (5) $1.50/1 Coupons  (Will double to $3 ea)
Total after coupons is $5 + Tax
Pay $5 for the Sparkle ~ Get $5 Catalina Off Your Next Order
(Like getting the SoftScrub AND the Sparkle FREE!)

I'll have some scenario ideas once I know more prices for those catalina items.  I'm sure that buying Angel Soft toilet paper or Dial Soap will probably make a great deal too - and I'll let you know once I get the price for it!


Why your friends might look at you like you're a crazy-person for going.
Kmart Doubles is a bad word for some, and with good reason!  Here are some troubles folks have run into - and hopefully they've fixed all those problems by now.
  • In the past, there have been little or no coupon limits, meaning folks would arrive at the store after  hours  days of preparation to find the shelves cleared of every freebie. The 5 limit fixes this - but you'll still have to get there early for the good freebies.
  • K-Mart is known for being unpredictable about coupons in general - but ESPECIALLY during Super-Doubles week.  Sometimes if an item is $3.95 and you try to use a $2 coupon (which will double to $4) it will go through fine.  Other times, it will just not double.  Other times the cashier will look at you as if you were trying to steal something and hand it back. 
  • Lots of folks are unhappy about the *5* coupon limit, because with the hassle involved, it's almost not worth the trip.  For those who might try to get around that rule, be warned: The *5* Coupon-Per-Day limit will be tied to your K-Mart Rewards Card.
  • At one time, Internet Printables weren't accepted, then they were.  Then they weren't again.  And so on and so forth - you get the picture.... typical Kmart-ness. 
The list of troubles can get quite long, so let's just say - it's been rough for some.  The main thing to remember is to be calm, kind, and sane enough to let the toothpaste go if you have to.  Then, when you get home, call 1-866-562-7848 and speak to a Customer Service rep.  Hopefully, you can get your issue resolved quickly and efficiently!
    - Thanks,  AFullCup, CommonSenseWithMoney! Living Rich With Coupons,


    1. Just wondering if you use your smart rewards card at one kmart to double 5 coupons and go to another part of town to another kmart, can you use the same card again and get 5 coupons doubled at that kmart as well, or is it a 5 per day limit at all kmarts?

    2. It's a 5 per day - per card - limit Dalton. At least that's what I understand from the rules and all the chatter on the forums. If it turns out like you hope, I'll be sure to post an update!

      Thanks for your comment,

    3. THANK YOU! This Boot Camp helped me. I also shared it with my readers!

      Cara (aka The Friendly Frugalista)

    4. What does this mean?

      In-store Activation MUST BE tied to your Shop Your Way to Rewards card

    5. It's confusing Kmart-speak for:

      Your coupons won't double unless you scan your Shop Your Way Rewards Card. This is so our registers can keep track of how many coupons you use each day.


    6. Thanks for the link-love Cara! You're awesome!


    7. Thank you for the Post. I am teaching a bunch of mew people and this is great!Is it OK to link to you guys?

    8. I also read that my husband and some of my kids (so long as they have an activated card) can go through too. I have my coupons and my hubby lined up with 2 of my kids. If this is true (and I will let you know) get your hubby's, kids that are older, and boyfriends/girlfriends and get them a card today so that you can use them to gain more double coupons.

      I think if I had a small family I may not do this (because I don't know how fair it is) but I have 7 kids and an unemployed husband and I am have been fighting not going on welfare since Christmas and couponing has saved me. I am not against welfare, I have used it in the past, I just don't want to do it if I don't have too.

      What are your thoughts on using family members with active cards? I never would of thought of this if I hadn't read it on another site.

      When Von or other stores have chickens for .67 a lb and there is a limit of 4. I take one line with my four chickens and my sweet hubby takes another line with his 4 chickens. Isn't this the same concept?

    9. Susan - I would say it's fine to get your husband a card, but the children can't qualify for a card unless they're 18 (per instruction in application)
      Let us know how it goes!

    10. I brought my husband also and had him sign up for a card. I called ahead and asked if it were okay...they said it would probably be fine, just not to advertise it...



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