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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Publix Laundry Deal!

Alissa B. wrote in to tell us how she worked out a great deal on laundry supplies at Publix!  This might not work for everyone's store, but I still wanted to brag on her a little!  (Go HERE to see the other weekly matchups)

Alissa Bought:
100oz Tide
Ultra Downy
Tide Stain Release
Alissa Used: 
$8 Off Pubix In-Ad Q wyb all 3
$1/1 Tide from 3/7 P&G
$1/1 Downy from 2/7 P&G
Free Tide Stain Release wyb Tide from 2/7 P&G
$5/1 Tide Detergent from Babies R Us 3/7 Ad
Paid $9.48 for all 3 products!

*YMMV Reminder: Your Mileage May Vary!  Keep in mind, this depends on if your Publix will accept Babies R Us as a competitor, and if they will let you stack the Publix Coupon with that Babies R Us coupon


  1. My Publix in Chattanooga said Babies R Us was a no go :(

  2. Thanks, Rachel, for passing that along. What about Snow Hill/Ooltewah?

    This deal just boggles my mind - it seems like that would be two store coupons on one item? I had thought about using one of the publix qs for free stain release wyb detergent, but was worried that would trying to stack 2 store qs. I just can't wrap my head around it =).

  3. DearEs' -
    I agree with you that it seems like a Publix ad Q + a Babies R Us Q would be a store+ store and therefore a no-go. The reason I went ahead and posted it (with a YMMV disclaimer at bottom!) was because after months of reading through comments and forums, it looks like some Publix' out there will allow this. I thought for those few folks out there who have more lenient Publixes, it might just be worth mentioning!

  4. I'm a newbie, and I thought I understood all the lingo. Where do I find the Publix ad Q?



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