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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Kelly here...While we are working on our website and bringing an easier way to add prayer requests, I wanted to bring a family's story to your attention.  Last night at church we were told about another church family who is serving as missionaries in another country.  This country is predominately Muslim.  They have been able to share the Gospel of Christ with three other families who have converted to Christianity.  What a miracle in itself!  Others in the community found out about the conversions and have taken action against one of the family's children.  While at school, the children have been beaten and locked in closets.  Another complication is that it is illegal to NOT send yous kids to school there. In otherwords, the parents have taken their children out of school but now face consequences from the government for doing so. 
Please pray for this family. They are facing decisions and opposition most of us could never dream of.  Pray for their protection, wisdom, strength and comfort from The One they have brought into their home and hearts.  While you're praying for them, this is also a time to reflect on our own blessings and unworthiness to receive opportunity to thank our Heavenly Father that our problems pale in comparison to what this family faces. 
Finally, from the heart of a mother I ask that you pray for these precious children. Caught in the middle of spiritual warfare, I pray they will see the incredible faith of their parents...that they will embrace the love and truth of Jesus...that God would use them in a mighty way to bring beauty from their suffering to influence their community, country and generation for the Gospel. 
I look forward to meeting this family one day in our Heavenly home and encourage you to not take lightly our repsonsibility to pray for them and all of the persecuted church.

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