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Friday, March 19, 2010

Need of Computer Repair?

We wanted to give you the contact information of our computer repairman.  My (Kasey) laptop crashed the first time several months ago and I had no idea who to call.  I called a couple of numbers in the phone book, and ended up taking my computer to Chuck - at Computer Aid.  When we dropped it off we realized that he and his wife had attended a recent workshop.  CRAZY!!  Since then he has helped us with other laptops crashing, getting dropped, etc...  His prices are extremely reasonable - not to mention he is a fellow Time 2 $aver. 

We have had people ask us since then who repairs our computers so we thought we'd pass the info along.  It never hurts to have a good contact on hand BEFORE you need one. 

ComputerAid - Chuck Spires
Office 423-473-9653, Cell 423-303-0119

Serving You 7 Days A Week
Computer Repairs, Home Office Networking, Data Recovery, Data Forensics, Data Investigations, Custom Software

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you, this guy is amazing! My computer crashed not too long ago and, as you did, I called around price checking and when I talked to Chuck and told him what happened we discussed prices. Honestly, when he told me his price, as low as it was, I didn't think he was going to be able to fix the problem but, since the price was so low, I gave it a shot and not only did he fix my computer but did it within hours, I had my computer back, up and running, the next day! Simply amazing...



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