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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Join the Potato Challenge!!

No - this isn't a competition to see who can be the laziest couch potato :)  It's a Potato GIVING Challenge, to restock our food pantries with a simple staple item!

Food Pantries rely on easy-prep, long expiration-date items like instant potatoes to hand out to families in need.  There are currently EIGHT Coupons available for Betty Crocker potatoes (priced around $1 at most stores) - each of them making a free or almost-free box of Betty Crocker potatoes.  Will you the "Potato Challenge" by purchasing some to give to your food pantry?  Here are some store deals to help you get started:

Publix: Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes $1
Use $.40/1 HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE or $.25/1 from 3/28 SS
(makes it 20¢ ea!)

Kroger: Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes $1.09
Use $.40/1 HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE , or 25¢/1 from 3/28 SS
Stack with Cellfire Coupon HERE
(makes it 29¢ ea or FREE with cellfire coupon!)
Plus, Kroger has a catalina deal right now . . .
       Buy 1 Betty Crocker Potatoes, get $.50 back
       Buy 2 Betty Crocker Potatoes, get $1 back
       Buy 3 Betty Crocker Potatoes, get $3 back
NOTE: If your catalina doesn't print, speak with a manager - it's been giving people trouble.

Use the form below to tell us how many boxes of potatoes you were able to give - and you can link to your blog if you have one.  Let's encourage each other!

- Thanks to PublixPennyPincher for starting the ball rolling on this - what a great idea! 

1 comment:

  1. I have done the Kroger catalina 4 times so far at 2 different stores and haven't had any trouble. But, I live in Virginia. I would be *so* bummed if that catalina didn't print. LOL! I will say, though, that I have to make sure the cashier remembers to give it to me.

    Yes, I am donating some of the boxes. I participate with, plus we also donate to a food pantry via donations that our church is collecting.

    Oh, I found a bunch of BC *twin* packs marked down at one Kroger for .99 each, so I actually had .03 cents overage on those. :o) I bought 3 and took them to my vehicle (along with all my other groceries) and then I went right back in to buy 3 more. :o)

    I am doing the Pillsbury catalina too (twice so far) by getting 6 refrigerated items and earning a $4.00 catalina. Today, I took in my BC $3 and my Pillsbury $4 and bought more BC and Pillsbury to get another $3 and $4. I'm so loving that! I've used at least 6 Pillsbury coupons and I still have at least 12 more.



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